Esta é uma atualização Oficial da UMT, você precisa ter o equipamento para usar.

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UMTv2 / UMTPro
UltimateMTK v5.1


Added Support for following functions:
- Read Info
- Reset FRP (For devices supporting this feature)
- Reset Locks (All Android Versions, Encrypted Userdata NOT Supported)
- Read Pattern (Android 5.x and earlier, Encrypted Userdata NOT Supported)
- Format FS
- Format FS (Advance)
- IMEI Repair in META / Boot Mode
- Backup NVRAM
- Restore NVRAM
- Reboot to META / FACTORY / FASTBOOT Mode
- Added Support for Helio CPU (MT6750, MT6755, MT6763, MT6739 etc)
- Disable Lock / Restore Lock for Encrypted Userdata
- Remove Lcoks for Encrypted Userdata for Vivo
- Factory Reset in META Mode (Vivo, Oppo and others)
- SafeFormat Option to let device format itself safely in recovery
- Added Support for Helio X20 (MT6797)
- One Click Format for Oppo/Realme Phones in Meta
- Added Disable Auth to disable SLA/DAA
- Added Mi Account Reset
- Xiaomi IMEI Repair
- META Reboot for SLA Enabled Devices
- MTK One Click Function Added
- Crash Preloader Added
- Added More Options in MTK One Click
- Added Bootloader Unlock / Relock
- Added RPMB Read/Write
- Added Vivo Security Repair
- Samsung Knox Guard Status Change
- Added Oppo ID Remove
- Added Huawei ID Remove
- Added RPMB Erase
- Added Partition Manager
- Vivo MT6765 Enable/Disable BROM - NEW!!!
- Xiaomi Disable OTA - NEW!!!
- Xiaomi Disable MiCloud - NEW!!!


Updated DAA/SBA/SLA Bypass Method:
- MT6261
- MT6572
- MT6580
- MT6582
- MT6735
- MT6737
- MT6739
- MT6753
- MT6755
- MT6757
- MT6761
- MT6763
- MT6765
- MT6768
- MT6771
- MT6779
- MT6785
- MT6795
- MT6797
- MT6799
- MT6873
- MT8127
- MT8163
- MT8173
- MT8695
- MT6885
- MT6595
- MT8167
- MT6592
- MT6833 (Dimensity 700 5G)
- MT6853 (Dimensity 720 5G)
- MT8590
- MT6758 (Helio P30)
- MT6781 (Helio G96)
- MT6877 (Dimensity 900)
- MT6893 (Dimensity 1200)
- MT6758 (Helio P30)
- MT6781 (Helio G96)
- MT6877 (Dimensity 900)
- MT6893 (Dimensity 1200)

Disable OTA and Find Device (Xiaomi)
- It will disable OTA updates and Find Device also
- Bootloader should be already unlocked

Remove Orange State (Oppo)
- Removes Orange state warning on unlocked devices
- Supports most Oppo firmware

Enable/Disable BROM for Vivo MT6765 Devices
- Preloader Crashing for BROM does not work anymore in updated devices
- Use this option for MT6765 base devices to enter BROM mode
- After Enable BROM, you must use custom preloader for other operations
- Once finished, use Disable BROM to restore device back to normal condition
- You must use correct backup file made while Enable BROM

Improved Bootloader Unlock Function

Improved Read Device Information for Helio Devices



Thanks to:
- All users who supported us!

MTK One Click supports most phones regardles of Brand/Model

- Features introduced may work on other devices too, which are not litsed here.
- User needs to untick By Model checkbox to be able to select Platform manually.
- For manual work, just select Platform and DA.
- For new secured devices, you may need to seleft AUTH and/or Preloader.
- Rest operations will work same.

Note : Some features are device/OS specific and may not work on all devices.